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- Sheila Jackson


I AM SHEILA JACKSON, Creative Activist and Founder of Eve’s Lime Productions. I write and produce stories with a rich historical context, to illuminate perspectives that have long been silenced and experiences that have previously been excluded from the media landscape. I also create brand strategies for visionary women founders and influencers, to re-vision the way we do business, to help solve the problems that face the communities we serve.




When I was a little girl growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, I looked up to my great Aunt, who was a powerful presence in my life. Auntie was a school teacher, a graduate of an HBCU, and proudly in service to her church, her sorority and her community.  She donated to Easter Seals, the United Negro College Fund, our local PBS station. As a shy little girl she would take me on her visits to the sick and shut-in.  I impatiently waited, watching her share stories, listen, laugh and nurture the elderly. She made sure they had everything they needed, including a couple of new dusters and a proper Sunday meal. When I came of age, I made volunteering a part of my life. I led assertiveness training workshops for domestic abuse survivors, I manned the suicide hotline, and donated to the food insecure.


When I started Eve’s Lime, I decided my business would be no different. I have produced dozens of award-winning cause campaigns. I created a special program for my nonprofits clients in which I crewed their commercials with top tier creatives  and industry vendors, at a fraction of the cost. I mentored aspiring writers and trained diverse youth to work on set. That was 10 years ago, before anyone talked about social impact. It was within that work that I discovered people (from indie professionals to large corporate CEOs) want to do good. But they often need help figuring out how. So I decided to shift the impetus of my work to corporations.  



The Good CEO is also a call to influencers and solopreneurs, to expand the way you think about your business. Rather than as a solo enterprise, you are an active part of a larger community working for a greater good. You don’t have to wear an additional hat to do good. You can collaborate, delegate and partner. My goal is to show you how. As an entrepreneur of more than 30 years, I have worn many hats. And most often, worked solo. My best times have been when I built out teams and cultivated strategic partners to do something greater than I could ever accomplish alone. 


I started The Good CEO podcast to punctuate my work as a movement, during the surge of racial unrest, the murder of George Floyd and the COVID lockdowns. It’s a platform where founders, who are doing the work, share the stories and strategies they used to leverage their businesses for good - successfully and unapologetically. 


Our communities are in great need - and cannot withstand another decade of the status quo. We live at a time when it is insanity to carry on with business as usual, and not acknowledge or address the myriad of overwhelming and urgent societal and environmental problems that face us all.




Women founders, black women in particular, are the fastest growing sector of start-up businesses right now - at the juncture of a major paradigm shift, and one of the most significant moments in our history, since the end of the Civil War. 


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If you are ready to use your brand to make a positive social impact, I serve a small roster of clients annually. I’d love to hear from you.