a case study client

"It’s time to be more strategic in what your company represents and how you communicate it - to be unapologetic, authentic and transparent, to make a positive social impact." - Sheila Jackson

I am excited to share an opportunity for case study clients. I consult with brands, influencers, and solopreneurs who are ready to cultivate an engaging brand story and social impact strategy. Case study clients receive a more than 50% discount on my full package of services, and a roadmap they can use to guide their business into the decades. Your real world brand journey will be showcased to inspire other founders. This is a comprehensive program and a perfect way for solopreneurs and smaller brands to:

  • Expand your customer base by getting your brand in front of a new audience

  • Set your company apart as a leader and innovator

  • Facilitate stronger relationships with your  customers and your team

  • Attract higher quality employees, who are a better fit for your company

  • Open doors to new business opportunities and strategic partners 

  • and most importantly, drive positive change 

. . .all at a a fraction of the cost. Limited slots are available.

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