10 Mantras to Make Your Business Soar!

(as presented on Clubhouse)

Welcome in the new, expand your capacity, remove old blocks, and seal your intention with these 10 mantras:

  1. Everything I need to move forward is within my grasp.

  2. I create space for my success.

  3. I release the past.

  4. I choose to be liberated from all fear and obstructions.

  5. I am thankful for the lessons and the teachers.

  6. I surrender and yield to the next greatest version of myself.

  7. I am FREE. I choose success.

  8. YOUR OWN PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT. In one sentence describe your mission. This is a statement of giving that expresses what you want to give to the word through your work.

  9. My greater mission is the source of my supply.

  10. I am open to the limitless ways in which my good can come.

Creative Activist & Founder of The Good CEO Movement