Rise and Refine

Los Angeles, along with many other cities in the states are experiencing what I call a ricochet effect from our recent and evidently premature reopening. Our COVID19 cases have soared and we are on the verge of being at 'code red' status again. It's time to dig deeper and put this time to even greater use. It's time to rise and refine.

Here are 3 new ideas to get you started:

  1. Be your own best client. Take a journey on the client side of your business. This will not only help you see what it's like, but it will reveal possible blindspots and stimulate new ideas on how to refine your customer experience.

  2. Vision your next hire. This is where you can begin to invoke the law of manifestation. Even if you are not quite ready to add to your team, be honest about the area in which you need another brain on the job. Describe that person in detail - their experience, their temperament and special skills. You'll be amazed what happens next.

  3. Expand your community of like-minded leaders. Joining this group is the first step. And as this community continues to expand in the upcoming weeks, introduce yourself to newer members. Find out more about where they are in their business journey. Having a strong, vibrant community during this world crisis will provide you with the supports you need to not only ride this crisis out, but to emerge from it stronger and better.

Sheila D. Jackson

The Good CEO

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