The Good CEO Podcast: Food for the Entrepreneurial Soul

I love 'the interview' and extracting story, inspiration and bringing truth to power by sharing the journeys of bold, unapologetic women who leverage their businesses for good.

Feed you spirit and rejuvenate your determination to reach your goals, as you listen to the stories of these amazing women. These conversations are authentic, insightful and unapologetically candid.

Recent guests include:

- A conversation of 'candid Zen,' with Beatrice Dixon of The Honey Pot. She talks about her unique path to create a line of plant-based feminine hygiene products. We discuss her powerful, unwavering stance,  amidst a racially motivated backlash to the presence of her products in Target and her unapologetic mission to inspire young, black girls. 

- Venture Capitalist and Founder of Backstage Capital, Arlan Hamilton talks about her new book, the journey to finding her voice, and to supporting “underestimated entrepreneurs.”  We also share advice on what Good CEOs can do to cultivate their business, during the pandemic.

- Bridgid Coulter, Founder & CEO of Blackbird House, a co-working and wellness community for black women entrepreneurs and their allies, talks about her journey as a serial entrepreneur, her new business and her vision to build a global collaborative of women entrepreneurs.

- New York Times Best-selling author and CEO of Unstoppable Enterprises, Cynthia Kersey, talks about the "Law of Giving and Receiving" and how to cultivate an Unstoppable Business.

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