Sheila Jackson

Founder, The Good CEO Movement

Head Creative, Eve's Lime Productions

It's time to move beyond the hustle. Don't just build an empire. Build a legacy.

Welcome to The Good CEO 

I started The Good CEO Movement as my own response to the chaos in our world right now. We are in the midst of racial unrest, climate change, a pandemic and political disarray. I am a firm believer in change theory - that the chaos comes before the new paradigm emerges. I also believe that now is the time we must come together to create a vision for the new world we want to see. 


We have to build a culture, an ethos. . . Our companies must be the change we wish to see in the world.  

Beatrice Dixon Founder of The Honey Pot.

Beatrice Dixon
Founder, The Honey Pot

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Consumers want more than a good product or service, they want a Good CEO. They want to support a company who does good things, has a heart, who cares about sustainability, the environment, people.

Your Journey to 
Becoming The Good CEO begins here

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To Align Profit + Purpose

The Good CEO is a movement designed to cultivate a collective of womxn leaders, like you, who want to be innovators in your industry, who are ready to move from old school marketing techniques to a new culture of customer engagement and activism and are dedicated to creating value in your community and the world, by leveraging your businesses for good. If your answer is , "Yes!" Take the pledge. 

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To be an activist.

To lead and innovate.

To create value.

To be a good steward of the planet.

To do no harm in the creation and delivery of my product or service.

To use my business to amplify causes that help communities thrive and make the world better.

To be transparent.

To engage in practices that foster inclusivity.

To share my greatest lessons to empower others.

To be a Good CEO.

The Good CEO